For shipments to Europe, please visit the online shop, which is placed in Europe / Germany.


By checking the Terms & Conditions box in your cart, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following, including other policies linked within. Sections of this document limit Ellis Visual Arts LLC and JESIN's liability and place limits on refunds and/or replacements - please read all sections carefully before ordering:

You are responsible for the accuracy of your shipping address entered at checkout. As we may require signatures for our shipments, you must ship your order to an address where you will be able to accept delivery. Packages returned to us as undeliverable will be refunded, less shipping fees (both directions), credit card processing fees, and a 20% restocking fee of the order product value. For full details, see our refund policy.

Products cannot be shipped to PO boxes. We strongly recommend shipping directly to your home or workplace. By placing an order to a PO box, you accept all risks associated with delivery, and Ellis Visual Arts LLC and JESIN will not be liable for any failed or lost deliveries to PO boxes. In the event that a carrier refuses to issue a shipping label to a PO box, we may contact you for an alternate address. If you are unable to provide an alternate address, your order is subject to our refund policy.

Free or Exclusive Rate Shipping Offers apply to most addresses in Canada and the United States, but may exclude, at our sole discretion, particular jurisdictions, remote addresses, or addresses that do not have regular courier service.
We may, in select circumstances and at our sole discretion, ship a package with a carrier other than the one selected at checkout, especially in cases where a faster shipment option becomes available at the same cost. In these cases, we will ensure that the alternate carrier provides an equivalent or better shipping timeframe to the method selected. Use of a carrier that differs from the one selected at checkout is not grounds for a refund or credit.

Orders are non-refundable once placed. Cancellations are not possible once a product has entered the shipping process and are subject to our return policy. Ellis Visual Arts LLC and JESIN, at our sole discretion, may authorize the cancellation of an unshipped order provided we are able to process the cancellation before it enters the shipping process. Should a cancellation be accepted, cancelled orders are reimbursed in the form of a gift card / store credit. All gift cards are issued in US Dollars. Requests for a cancellation with a refund are subject to our return policy.

Returns are completed on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Ellis Visual Arts LLC wherein the product is unopened, unaltered, and in original condition. If a return is granted by Ellis Visual Arts LLC, you are responsible for all freight/shipping costs including any duties and/or taxes that may be applicable. Products shipped back to us without an authorized return are considered forfeited and will not be refunded. Refunds for authorized returns will be less shipping fees and credit card processing fees. The minimum deduction for shipping on return is $25 per direction in the currency of the order. There is no restocking fee for authorized returns. Please see our refund policy for full details.

Refusing a package at delivery does not constitute an authorized return. When packages are refused at delivery, the carrier charges additional return shipping fees that you will be responsible for. As shipments are often split into multiple boxes, we will examine refused merchandise when it is safely received at our warehouse and issue a refund for the value of the returned merchandise, less shipping fees (both directions), credit card processing fees, and a 20% restocking fee of the order product value. Processing of refused packages may take up to 30 business days. Please see our Refund Policy for full details.

If a product is being offered on a backorder, lengthened shipping timeline, or pre-order basis, the date provided on the product page and/or cart page is an estimated timeline for when the product will be available to ship to you, is not a guarantee, and is subject to change. Orders placed for products on backorder, lengthened shipping timeline, or pre-order basis are not cancelable and are non-refundable. You agree that by placing an order for a pre-order or backorder product, your payment method will be charged in advance at the time of the order, and you understand that shipping timelines are our best estimates at the time of the order and are subject to fluctuation.

It's best to not freeze JESIN / COLORBERRY liquids, pigments and epoxy resin. Where appropriate seasonally, we may include a 72-hour shipping warmer in liquid shipments when possible, however, we strongly recommend that you select a shipping method that allows for a transit time of 2 days (or less) to your location during colder months, keeping in mind that couriers typically do not move packages on weekends and holidays. It is your responsibility to closely follow tracking and delivery status and immediately bring in any packages that couriers may leave outside upon delivery should the weather at your location not be within the storage parameters of the products you are ordering. Please allow your shipment to come to room temperature for 24 hours before use. The packages ship from USA east coast . By ordering while the weather may be cold along the shipping route, you accept all risks associated with freezing. Ellis Visual Arts LLC is not responsible should a shipment be damaged due to freezing. Damage due to freezing is not covered by shipping insurance, except in cases where a package's transit is delayed at the fault of the carrier.

Most orders ship from USA. Orders shipped outside of USA (such as to CANADA) may be subjected to duties and taxes by the destination country's customs authorities. Any duties, taxes, and fees, are the sole responsibility of you, the customer. For more information on customs and duties, please refer to your local/federal customs organization. Typically, online orders to Canada of $800 USD or less are not subject to import fees, though it is your responsibility to confirm your eligibility for this. Packages returned to us due to refusal to pay import fees will be refunded, less shipping fees (both directions), credit card processing fees, and a 20% restocking fee of the order product value. Processing of refused packages may take up to 30 business days.

We aim to process orders as soon as possible when they are received. Processing time for orders (the time between when you place your order and it leaves our warehouse) can vary between 1 - 5 business days unless otherwise stated during the checkout process. Please note that processing times are in addition to the in-transit time associated with your selected shipping method. In-transit times are estimates and not guarantees.

IMPORTANT - This section describes procedures for in-transit damage, loss, and theft. Please read this section carefully as failure to abide by these procedures may void the insurance we purchase for you. Ellis Visual Arts LLC. is not responsible should shipping insurance be void due to a failure to follow these procedures.

We are pleased to include the following insurance in our shipments to you at no additional charge:

$0 - $100 USD: In-transit damage & in-transit loss.
$100+ USD: In-transit damage, in-transit loss, & theft.

Retain all packaging including shipping labels and outer shipping cartons until you have confirmed your entire order has been received in good order. Shipping insurance is void if any packaging or shipping label(s) are discarded or destroyed.

Upon receipt of your order, you must immediately carefully check the contents to ensure that you have received everything you have ordered. The outer packaging and shipping labels are required by the insurance providers in order for us to make a claim for any in-transit damage or loss of an item within the package.

Should an order arrive having been damaged and/or pilfered in transit, please accept the package and indicate to the courier that it was damaged upon receipt. Do not discard the packaging or destroy the shipping label. Immediately contact us at with photos of the condition in which the package was received (before opening) along with photos of the condition of all of the contents.

Do not refuse damaged packages - shipping insurance does not cover return shipping fees due to refusal. By refusing a package, you are waiving your eligibility for replacement and you accept responsibility for return shipping charges. Packages returned to us due to refusal will be refunded, less shipping fees (both directions), credit card processing fees, and a 20% restocking fee of the order product value. Processing of refused packages may take up to 30 business days as carriers may take time to bill for the return shipping. Please see our Refund Policy for full details.

Should a package be damaged or lost in transit, contact us immediately. For packages lost in transit, insurance providers may require that we wait 7 days from the planned delivery date to file a claim.

For loss due to theft (i.e. porch pirates), a police report may be required. Theft insurance is not included for packages under $100 USD.

To be eligible for insurance coverage, you must report any issues within 10 calendar days of delivery.

In the case of non-delivery, you must contact us within 10 days of the last carrier tracking update or delivery update.

Any issues related to inaccuracies or mistakes in address entry are not covered by shipping insurance and are your responsibility.

Ellis Visual Arts LLC nor JESIN is not and shall not be held liable in the event that third-party insurance claims are denied. Should an insurance claim be denied by an insurance provider for any reason whatsoever, you agree that Ellis Visual Arts LLC and JESIN is thereby released from any and all liability and no further claim shall be made against Ellis Visual Arts LLC and JESIN.

JESIN / COLORBERRY products have recommended shelf lives. All products with a shelf live are manufactured in EUROPA, shipped to America. We are constantly working to ensure this process is as speedy as possible to maximize shelf life upon delivery. However, given the nature of the JESIN / COLORBERRY supply chain, we cannot guarantee a specific shelf life upon delivery (shelf live is mentioned on the JESIN buckets). In the very unlikely event that you receive a product with a shelf life of fewer than 60 days calculated from the end of the month listed on the label, please contact us.

You may not repackage, resell, or list for sale on any platform any products of JESIN / COLORBERRY purchased from us.

We want to make sure you're happy with your purchase. To ensure we can best assist, you must report any issues or problems with an order (including but not limited to missing, damaged, defective, wrong item) no later than 10 calendar days of delivery / last package tracking update / or package delivered status by emailing Do not discard any packaging until you have confirmed your order. Please see our Refund Policy for full details.
If you have any questions or require clarity, please reach out to our sales support team or via the online chat widget on our homepage and we'd be happy to help!