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There's nothing quite like crafting and the joy that comes with looking proudly at your creations.
But you know what is even more beautiful? This creative phase and the pride to share it directly with family & friends.

Now you have the opportunity to give yourself and others exactly this joy!

Be a host of a JESIN PARTY and invite your loved ones to your home and then together with them to pour the first own JESIN creations. Enjoy the support of our JESIN expert who will come to your home to give you step-by-step instructions and teach you the basic knowledge about JESIN. Together with the JESIN EXPERT, you will then pour your coasters and be able to show them off immediately in the fun-filled session.
You also have the opportunity to get advice directly from the JESIN EXPERT for your future JESIN projects and then place an order directly, which will then be delivered free to your home.

And what does it cost?


On the contrary - the host gets a JESIN gift from us and unforgettable hours with family & friends.

You are interested and want to hold a JESIN PARTY?
Then fill out the form now and we will contact you as soon as possible!